A Good Beginning

With orientation behind us, tomorrow marks our first outreach event for this year’s project. At noon tomorrow our six vans, filled with over 60 medical students, residents, physicians, translators and staff will begin the half-hour journey south across the Mexican border. Just minutes away, we will be conducting two medical clinics in the town of Matamoros. We are eager to begin!

Although tomorrow’s clinics constitute an important turning point in the project, God has already been at work among us, and we have much to be thankful for:

* A phenomenal leadership team that has experience with the ins-and-outs of SMI, and has ensured a smooth beginning both in terms of project logistics and creating a healthy spiritual climate.

* A number of terrific teaching sessions (“Institute Days”) on evangelism and local culture that will help us as do our outreaches.

* Several visiting faculty who have been a great help on many levels, offering both their teaching abilities and, more importantly, their very selves as they interact with the students.

* The support and encouragement of Valley Baptist Family Practice Residency (VBFPR), one of just several Christ-centered residency programs nationwide. They have worked with us tirelessly to make SMI possible.

* Many opportunities to get to know students on a deeper level. Our leadership team is committed to building relationships where real community and true discipleship can flourish.

By God’s grace, we expect each of these dynamics to continue throughout the project. But with orientation behind us, our thoughts have turned toward tomorrow’s outreach. Please pray along with us:

* That we would be faithful in sharing the gospel with those who come to our clinics, and that many would put their trust in Christ.

* That God would give us wisdom and ability to provide the very best healthcare we can, and that he would be glorified as we image him as Healer.

* That the majority of logistics would go smoothly, and that we would respond with faith and love when other details do not.

* That God would give the students a greater vision of what it means to practice Christ-centered healthcare as they participate in the clinic, and observe the residents and physicians as they consult with their patients.

Thank you for standing behind us in prayer. We pray that you will be encouraged with the fruit of your labors behind-the-scenes! We’ll keep you updated!

For the Kingdom,

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