Time of Transition

Dear friends in the Great Commission,

We know that we have just recently emailed you, but we have some significant news to share in this short update. In God’s wisdom, He has shown us that it is time for our family to look for our next ministry calling.

We are grateful to God for our time with MCO, and still believe in the vision that drew us to this ministry. Although many factors played into this decision, the most important has to do with the significant administrative component of my current position, versus my gifting and passion to focus on teaching and discipleship. As we look ahead, I am looking forward to returning to a position that revolves around these gifts.

At this point, we plan on continuing with MCO through June 30th. So please do continue your financial support for us through MCO until you hear otherwise. We greatly praise the Lord for His provision of generous giving in December, and we finished the year in the black. However, a monthly shortfall remains, so your gifts are important to keep us financially stable.

Finally, please let us know if you are aware of any ministry opportunities. Over these years of partnering together, you have come to know us well, and we will eagerly consider any opportunities you bring to our attention!

We will keep you well-informed of the changes that lie ahead, as God shows us what the next steps will be. It is particularly at times like this that we are grateful that we do not stand alone in ministry. What a mighty God we serve, and what a wonderful team of supporters God has given us!

Warmest blessings,
Bryan & Sharon

Please join us in keeping these items before the Father’s Throne –

* Praise God for allowing us to minister with MCO for two years. In his kindness, He did great kingdom work through, and in, us.

* Pray for the MCO Board as they decide how best to move the ministry ahead, and for the city’s healthcare students, that the Lord would continue to provide for their growth in Christ.

* Pray that God helps us trust Him fully during this time – He is just as (perhaps more!) concerned with the process, and our character, than He is with the outcome.

* Pray that we continue to invest deeply in students during our remaining time with MCO.

* Pray for clarity as we seek to discern God’s leading.

* As a bonus for those of you who hung in there to read this far… praise God for baby #4, due in late September. We are still very early in the pregnancy, but we are pleased that God has blessed us with this addition to our family!

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