Transition Date & More

Dear friends,

Transition Date

In our last update we mentioned we’d make our actual transition date known as it became available. We now know that it’s going to be July 1st – just two weeks away – so we’re excited as the time draws near.

Giving Information

As we’ve spoken with many of you, some have asked us to clarify where to send future contributions. As of July 1st, please send contributions, made payable to “Pilgrim Church”, to:

Pilgrim Church
PO Box 35184
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Also, several of you have indicated the desire to give electronically. While we cannot offer that on our end, it is usually possible to setup automatic giving through your financial institution. While you can find specific information for that process by looking at your institution’s website, or by calling them, the general steps typically are as follows:

* go online to your financial institution’s website, access your account, and then the “online bill-pay” or equivalent section of the site

* setup a “recurring” or equivalent bill, payable to my new employer

That’s usually it! If this interests you, let me know so I can provide my employer’s official name and account number, both of which are required for this service.

The Future of MCO

For those of you who would like to know more about MCO, it is currently entering a re-building stage. Although without full-time staff it will be scaled back in nature, it will continue to support Christian healthcare students at Philadelphia’s medical campuses, and seek to gain momentum among the city’s healthcare community beginning at its sponsoring church, Tenth Presbyterian. Initial interest has been very positive and we are hopeful that God will continue to bless its ministry as it moves ahead.

For Prayer

These last two weeks promise to be fairly intense ones as we handle the many details necessary to transition the ministry well before our departure. Please pray that the Lord helps us to work hard, maintain a strong sense of priority, and trust Him during this time.

We’ll be in touch!


PS As always, feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have about our transition by calling us at 856.524.2126, or emailing us at

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