The Students Have Returned!

On The Ministry Front

When I opened my inbox, I was pleasantly surprised.

But there it was, a lengthy email from Ted with thoughtful answers to nearly all the questions I had raised in connection with ministry at PCOM (one of Philadelphia’s medical campuses) for the coming year. “This guy is a leader,” I said to myself. “I need to be investing in him.”

That very night, we had our first leadership team meeting at Ted’s house. I was privileged to give guidance and direction as the students talked about their plans for the semester. As the President of the Christian fellowship on campus, Ted took charge of the meeting and showed a lot of wisdom. We ended the meeting with great enthusiasm and anticipation for God’s blessing on campus.

Afterwards, when everyone else had left, I took the opportunity to encourage Ted for his leadership, and said that I’d like to get together with him regularly for discipleship. When he responded in kind, I was thrilled! Why? Because this kind of ministry is central to Christ’s own heart. During his time on earth, he spent so much of his time pouring himself into other men who would carry on his mission after he ascended. Humanly-speaking, if he had failed in this calling, the entire kingdom would have ended as soon as it had begun. It didn’t fail, of course, and its phenomenal success shows just how critical discipleship is to the vitality of the kingdom. By investing in men like Ted, I’m excited to share in this vision even today!

Here are some other ways we’re participating in God’s kingdom work now that the fall is here:

  • at Philadelphia University (“Philly U”), I’ll be attending their large group meetings and speaking there on September 10th. Going to large group should serve as a springboard for further ministry opportunities.
  • plans are being made to gather a core group at our new church, Pilgrim, as we think about reaching young people in our neighborhood. Several younger folks at the church have already expressed real interest in helping out, and we will hold an initial meeting this month.
  • we will have an after-church luncheon on September 14th for area students to start connecting them to us, each other, and the church.
  • there are so many more things going on right now, but space does not permit me to mention them now. More on this in a few days when things slow down!

Support Update

God has blessed us with some new support recently, and we have made good progress in terms of connecting with potential donors. Please keep praying for fruit along those lines – we want to be single-minded in our commitment to ministry!

In addition, there has been some ongoing confusion as to where current donors should send contributions. Please send your contributions, with “Stoudts” on the memo line, to:

Pilgrim Church
PO Box 35184
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Finally, our giving levels are still below where they need to be, so please keep this before the Lord.

On A Personal Note

Finally, we’d like to announce that Sharon is pregnant again! Although a miscarriage in March has reminded us, once again, to hold onto our children with an open hand, we are asking God to bless us with a safe pregnancy. If all goes well, the baby would be born in mid-April.

That’s all for now. Our praises and prayer requests fall along the lines of what we shared above. Please know that we prize each one of you, and think of you often, as we carry out this ministry day-by-day.

With love in Christ,
Bryan & Sharon

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