Make Progress Every Day

Those of you who enjoy TV and radio may remember a recent advertising series by Verizon. The ads featured James Earl Jones and ended with the slogan “Make Progress Every Day.” Verizon aimed to resonate with what we instinctively know to be true – most of what happens takes place in small, steady and quiet increments that add up to something significant.

That truth describes ministry this past month – a consistent stream of significant, if not earth-shattering, moments of kingdom impact. Here’s a record of the highlights:

* meeting with Brian – now that leadership has transitioned at PCOM, this was a great opportunity to get to know the new fellowship president better, and to check in on his role of keeping the vision before the other leaders.

* donor networking – Sharon and I shared our ministry with a couple where the husband and wife are physicians and ministry-minded. It was refreshing to connect with others in the field who “get it” and are open to serving as time allows.

* meeting with Norm – over lunch we had the opportunity to talk much more deeply than we have in the past. It was a privilege to better understand his family and church backgrounds, his future aspirations, and what “makes him tick”. To be continued, we agreed!

* dinner with Mike & Becky – Mike and Becky, a married couple, both go to PCOM and, it turns out, live just two blocks from us. We had a wonderful get-to-know-you time over dinner at our home.

* dinner with Dr. Thomas Corson & family – we enjoyed an extended time of fellowship and discussed future possibilities for medical ministry in the city.

* meeting with another student – we talked about the challenges of purity in a sexually-impure culture. Most exciting to me is that the discussion moved beyond the ins-and-outs that are most obvious to the deeper, heart-level issues that drive them. This is the epicenter of real change!

* sharing the vision at Immanuel Leidy’s Church – at a partner church, we shared the critical importance of medical ministry at both services and the Sunday School hour. Many mentioned that our presentation alerted them, for the first time, to the spiritual opportunities physicians have as they offer medical care.

* meeting with Dr. Harry Morris – Over the past year, Dr. Morris has been increasingly involved with the fellowship at PCOM. He is the only physician actively involved in the ministry on campus, and has been a tremendous resource and model for the students. We got to know each better and spent time in prayer for one another and the students.

* presentation by Dr. Daryl Erickson – Dr. Erickson is President and CEO of MedSend, a ministry that pays off student debt accrued during medical school so that new physicians can serve on the mission field. In town for a few days, he spoke with the students about his testimony of God’s faithfulness in ways that were amazing, personal and “real”. The students came away inspired to seriously consider medical missionary service for their own careers.

* meeting with Ted – preparation for his board exams have made it harder to connect, but just today we had the opportunity to get together and check in. Although things are generally going well, I had the chance to reaffirm our friendship, and came away with some specific prayer requests to bring before the Lord.

As you can see, God has been active in small, but profound and consistent, ways. The little moments are adding up to form something beautiful, the progress of God’s kingdom among the city’s medical students. I am privileged to be your representative in this vital mission field. Thank you, once again, for your partnership!

With love,
Bryan & Sharon

Prayer & praise:

* God deserves praise for His faithfulness to His people in healthcare, and to us for the opportunity to serve them daily.

* Pray for more times of friendship and discipleship over the next month or two. This is a season where relationships that have been built over the past year or so are bearing great fruit, so it’s critical and exciting to make the most of it.

* Praise that we are now less than two weeks away from the anticipated birth of our son. Please continue to pray for the health of Sharon and the baby, as well as God’s protection against autism. (There is a presumed genetic component to the disorder, and it affects males much more commonly than females).

* Praise for a number of special gifts that have helped us attain a better financial footing recently. Please keep praying for new, regular donors so that our ministry is sustainable moving forward.

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