Campus Kickoff, Trusting God

Drexel students Melvin, Greg & Justin get ready for kickoff BBQ

Drexel students Melvin, Greg & Justin get ready for kickoff BBQ

Dear friends,

Campus Kickoff

SO much is happening right now ministry-wise.  My days have been filled with meeting new students, mentoring, counseling, dreaming with students about new ministry initiatives, activity fairs and strategizing with campus leaders.

To give you a taste of all that’s happening, Tuesday night we had our large group meeting for dinner, worship and bible study at Drexel.  About 30 were in attendance, much more than anticipated.  We had a phenomenal time of fellowship, worship and bible study in Acts.   At my suggestion, the leaders and I are “debriefing” via email over the next several days about ways we can make the meetings even more effective.  Moving forward, I plan to join them for leadership meetings immediately before these large group events.  This year’s leaders are some of the best I’ve encountered anywhere!

Trusting God

Even as ministry is exploding, we’re going through a season of greatly diminished financial resources that threaten to severely limit my involvement on campus.  We’ve mentioned this before, but as my support team, I want to continue to keep you in the loop.

Here’s our situation:

  • as of now, we should be fine through October assuming moderate giving levels
  • however, as of November, we may not be able to take a paycheck
  • donor attrition (largely because of the economy), the need to fund our own health insurance, and a new administrative fee have created the need to raise about $2,500/month in new monthly support

What are we doing about it?  We’re keeping ministry expenses to an absolute minimum, aggressively raising more support, and trusting God like we never have before. 

I want you to know that I love this ministry, and I am excited to see God provide richly for it.

Here’s what you can do:

  • commit to praying intensely for God’s provision until we have raised the necessary support.  To jump-start this, I’m holding a pray-where-you-are event this Monday and Tuesday.  Email me at if you’d like to sign up for a 15-minute slot.  Let me know when you’ll pray, and I’ll send you a list of specific requests.
  • if you are a financial donor and haven’t started giving through CMDA, my new partner organization, please take a moment to do that.  I’ve updated this site to make giving simple – just click on the “Giving” link on the right hand side of the page.
  • if you know anyone who may want to hear about this ministry, let me know right away.  Healthcare professionals are obvious connections, but others are routinely interested, too.  And, it doesn’t need to be time-consuming on your end – a few minutes of brainstorming, and a short email to your friends, is all it takes.

After being on campus these first few weeks, now more than ever I am fully convinced that this ministry is absolutely essential.  I believe that God will provide for it.  Thanks in advance for your partnership during this season of testing and opportunity!

With love,

Bryan & Sharon

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