He Humbled Himself

The Answers:

“I wasn’t popular in high school, so sometimes it’s tempting to let everyone know I’m studying to be a doctor.”

“When my wife interacts with people, and they hear, ‘My husband is going to be a doctor’, they treat her differently.”

“I’m think I’m pretty humble when I deal with other people, but when I’m alone, sometimes I think, ‘I’m better than them’.”

The Question: “Do you ever struggle with pride in knowing that you’re going to be a doctor someday?”

From these honest answers during our small group bible study time today, it’s clear to me that pride is a real temptation for our students as they go through their training.

Our passage today, Philippians 2:1-11, reminded everyone of the perfect, if not easy, antidote to the pride that keeps us from loving God and others.  “Though he was in the form of God… he humbled himself, becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.”

It was a powerful time where God reminded these future physicians of what they already know, but struggle to remember, under the pressure-cooker of medical training – our identity and worth comes from Jesus, not what we know or accomplish.

This is why I’m there – to build bridges between God’s Word and the everyday ‘world’ the students inhabit.  His truth is intensely practical and reaches into the most important corners of our lives.  By his mercy, I pray that these students will make it through their training free of pride and arrogance, and ready to minister to their patients with the humility of their Savior.

Thank you for your partnership that makes this possible.  God is using you to raise up the next generation of Christian physicians!

Under mercy,

Bryan & Sharon

For prayer/praise:

* Praise for God’s work in and through the students.  Both of my primary campuses, Drexel and PCOM, are off to great starts, and have roughly 30 students involved.  Please pray for weekly bible studies, large group meetings, and outreach opportunities.

* Pray for me as I meet with individual students and the campus leadership teams.  I need wisdom to help them stay focused on Christ’s priorities for their lives and campuses.  Since the students are intensely busy, I need to respect that, yet challenge them to keep moving forward.

* Praise for a great month of support-raising.  God has provided approximately $400 in new monthly support.  We still have a long way to go, though, so please keep praying for new connections and fruit.  Pray especially for these next few months, when our account balance will be tighter.  Giving information can be found on the right side of this page.

* On a personal note, please pray for our family’s health.  Just today we found out that Matthew (our older, autistic son) likely has swine flu/H1N1.  He really enjoys our younger, infant son, so it will be challenging to try and keep them apart over the next 5-7 days until the risk of contagion passes.

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