Winter Conference This Weekend!

Dear partners in Christ’s work,

In just six hours, 160 students and healthcare professionals from all over the mid-Atlantic region will be coming to Sandy Cove Conference Center for our Northeast Regional Winter Conference.   Always a highlight, they come to hear great teaching, participate in small groups, enjoy fellowship, and relax.

With the Chesapeake in the background, the sun sets at Sandy Cove.

This year’s theme is “If Anyone Would Come After Me: A Call to Consecration, Commitment, Conscience, and Commission”.  It gives healthcare professionals a chance to step back and ask themselves questions like, “Who am I in Christ?”, “Why am I in healthcare?”, and “To what has God called me as a follower of Christ?”  Since their typical pace of life is so frenetic, the conference is an essential opportunity for much-needed reflection and redirection.

With this in mind, please keep the following requests in prayer:

  • for God to powerfully meet with, impact, and refresh, each student and healthcare professional who attends.  In particular, that He would help them re-ask the sort of “big” questions I mention above, and then help them to make any changes He’s calling them to.  We’re aiming for long-term transformation!
  • for our speaker, CMDA CEO Dr. David Stevens.  He’s a tremendous speaker, and yet he needs the Holy Spirit to empower his messages.
  • for Sharon and the children, who will join me on Saturday.  Pray for the many interactions Sharon will have with the students, and that God would use our family to give the students a tangible ‘portrait’ of what a Christian family can look like.
  • for me, as I talk with students throughout the weekend.  Our conversations are opportunities for me to encourage and challenge them, and give me many prayer and ministry concerns to follow-up on later.  Pray also that the messages would help me help the students in this regard.  Finally, pray that God would bless my administrative and worship-leading roles over the weekend.

Thank you, friends, for standing with me during the weekend.  Let’s expect – and pray for – God to do great things!

Grace to you,


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