Interfaith Forum at Drexel

Dear friends,

Just wanted to thank you for praying for our Interfaith Forum at Drexel.  By God’s grace, it was a tremendous success, with over 70 in attendance, most of whom were not coming from a Christian perspective.  With dinner being served beforehand, the evening was characterized by a friendly, relational tone, but the key issues underlying our topic, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), were still covered frankly and thoroughly.

Our speaker for the evening, pastor-author Dr. Paul Tripp, did a marvelous job of broadening the discussion to focus on the “real” issues at stake: how we view God and each other, what constitutes life, and how medical technology may or may not be used in the service of God and His kingdom.  The “buzz” from the students afterward was very positive, which was encouraging.

In light of this, please pray for the following:

  • that God would use the evening to change the conception many have of Christianity, Christians and what following Christ is all about.
  • that the Drexel students would take the opportunity to use the evening as a springboard to have spiritual discussions with their friends on campus.
  • that other campus leaders, in attendance for the event, would get excited about hosting similar events at their own campuses in the upcoming academic year.

As you know, sharing Christian faith on the medical campus is frowned upon, but forums like these have been very successful and warmly welcomed.  Our city’s medical campuses belong to God, and He is doing exciting work there!

For the King,


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