SMI Philadelphia – and Texas!

Whip cream fight!

Last time, I provided an update on God’s work through us at SMI Philadelphia.  This time, I want to let you know what God did during the project’s last few days, and “preview” our time at SMI Texas, which will begin July 19th.

Looking Back: SMI Philadelphia

By all accounts, SMI Philadelphia was a resounding success, especially considering it was a pilot project that really came together in just the last few months.  Here are a few highlights from the last few days:

  • we held two more days of outreach, some of which focused on following-up with those who had shown interest
  • the leadership/planning team held a final debriefing session that was extremely valuable for thinking about improvements for next year
  • while on project, one student received the blessing of her parents to move to Philadelphia (from S. Dakota!) this coming year to find a job while she applies to medical and physician assistant programs.  She had been here before on other projects, but God used this recent mission to “seal” her enthusiasm for this community, and to increase her vision for serving it through healthcare!
  • on Friday, we held our “Return Training” to help the students think about living out what they learned on project as they transition back home.  I was thankful to, along with others, lead this day-long session.
  • everyone involved in SMI – students, faculty, and neighborhood partners – held a celebration banquet Friday evening to rejoice over all that God did during our two weeks together
  • on Saturday, our family joined the students and others as we said our goodbyes.  We’re already planning on an SMI “reunion” for the fall!

For prayer requests, please see our previous post.

Looking Forward: SMI Texas

Chris with Hector, one of our translators

From July 19th-27th, our entire family will be heading south to participate in SMI Texas, which begins today.

Please pray for:

  • details to come together as we get ready and travel – Pray for Matthew especially as we travel – although he will be medicated, the results are sometimes unpredictable.
  • our love for each other on project.  Pray that God gives us real patience and unity – not only to honor Him, but so that we can serve as an example of a Christ-like family to others on project.
  • the medical outreaches – pray that many come to Christ, and that our team is changed into Christ’s image, during these times.
  • for my teaching – please ask that God gives me wisdom in preparing, and power in presenting what He would have me say.  I’ll be speaking on rest, a topic that’s critical to an overworked population!
  • for lasting impact – in our lives, the students’ lives, and that our time in Texas serves as a “springboard” for further ministry when we all return to Philadelphia.
  • for God’s financial provision – at this point, our family is $1,000 short of covering our costs for the project.  If you’d like to contribute, you can find giving instructions (via mail or online) by clicking the “giving” link on the right side of the page.  Just mention code “SMI HRL 2010” to make sure your contribution is directed properly.

Thanks so very much – we’ll keep you posted as the summer unfolds!

Bryan & Sharon

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