SMI Texas Update

Getting ready for an outreach to the colonias

Five young children, three impulsive chickens, and a distracted, frazzled mother whose visiting sister had been trying to share the gospel with all day.

This is the situation one of our SMI Texas door-to-door outreach teams encountered as it entered a sparse home in one of Macallen’s colonias (think rural ghettos). It was hardly the stuff classic conversion stories are made of.

But God had been at work. As the team entered the home, all of a sudden the children became calm. The woman became spiritually-open and focused. After she received the free health screenings, she also received something – or Someone – far more important: Jesus Christ.

By the time our family’s airplane touched down in South Texas last Monday night, God had already been powerfully at work through the SMI team for two weeks. We have enjoyed the privilege of joining what the project’s directors are calling the most spiritually responsive climate they have ever seen during SMI’s eleven years here. On Monday and Tuesday alone, 33 people came to Christ through the outreaches! Local pastors are already following up with these new believers.

As Sharon and I participated in the outreaches, we were so encouraged by what God is doing. It’s exciting to see the students – many of whom are from Philadelphia – powerfully incarnating the love of Christ to “the least of these.” This hands-on experience, in addition to watching older Christian physicians modeling whole-person care, is radically transforming the way they think about the practice of medicine.

Thank you so, so much for making this trip possible. Your investment in us is reaping eternal rewards!

For the Kingdom,

Bryan & Sharon

PS – Within the next week, I’m going to send along a few more pictures and stories from our outreaches.  There simply was not enough space here!

Please join us in the following praise and prayer requests from our time away:

  • Praise for God’s lavish grace in bringing so many to faith through the team.
  • Praise God for the many spiritually significant conversations He’s given us with the students. By the time we left on Tuesday, we had been “grafted in” to the team!
  • Praise also for God’s blessing on my (Bryan’s) teaching. I spoke on “how people change” from a biblical perspective, and the implications for the students and their future patients. The students also asked to give another talk I had prepared on “The Ancient Principle of Sabbath and Why You Can’t Survive a Life in Medicine Without It.”
  • The team is currently wrapping up the project, which will end this Saturday. Please pray for successful closure and safe travels home.
  • As we witnessed profound poverty on our outreaches, Sharon and I are realizing again just how blessed we are. At the same time, God is showed us that the people we met are rich in other ways – their humility and appreciation for relationships and openness to Christ. Please pray that these lessons “stick” and come home with the students and our family.

2 thoughts on “SMI Texas Update

  1. Praise God! What a wonderful report. So glad to learn of the Kingdom expansion in Texas and the spiritual growth in up-and-coming physicians. Thanks for your service!

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