Stories of God’s Faithfulness: SMI Texas, Part 2

In my last post, I promised I’d send along a few more stories of God’s faithfulness.  I think you’ll find they speak for themselves!

Denis & Gina pray with a patient

– One team member (Doug) was looking for a bathroom and approached a man he later described as deeply lost. Later, the man was surprisingly the first patient at clinic and said he was there for GI issues, but later confided that he “had to come back because Doug truly ‘saw me’ when he looked at me.” Turns out he was the last member of his immediate family alive – he had been involved in drug wars in Mexico, and had been planning on going back to kill the people who had killed his family. But after coming to Christ, he cried for an hour (“I don’t cry”) and said, “Now I don’t need to go back and kill them anymore” [because of what Christ did for him].

– Our teams would stop and pray for the people at each house, even if they were not there or didn’t answer. As Dr. Johnson was driving around to pick up one team, they saw a woman at the end of the street, so he encouraged the team to go back and talk with her. By the time they got there, she was gone. But Mari (a young translator) called out to her two times and eventually she responded. Later, she told the team that she was hiding from them, but prayed, “God, if you’re real, you’ll send them back.” They did come back, but still she hid.  But she finally responded and then gave her life to Christ!

Heavy rains threatened our last outreach, but God provided!

– On our last outreach, my team met Angelica, whose husband had been killed by (presumably Mexican) authorities on a trip to Mexico in March. His nine-year-old daughter, whom we met, was there when it happened. In addition to her daughter, her household includes her five other children and other, extended family. After all this became clear, I had the privilege of leading Angelica to Christ while our translator led her niece to the Lord as well. The look of peace and joy on her face was quiet, but deep. It was also wonderful to have my oldest daughter, Carissa, there to experience God’s power.

Thanks again for your love, prayers, and gifts that made this trip possible!!!

1 thought on “Stories of God’s Faithfulness: SMI Texas, Part 2

  1. Thanks for sharing these great stories and I am very much encouraged to know that the Lord used the SMI people so greatly this summer!

    Praise the Lord!

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