Moving Forward, Moving Outward

God continues to bless our ministry richly and beyond all that we can imagine.  As I reflect on what He’s doing, the theme of moving the ministry forward and outward comes to mind.  Here are some highlights from the past month –

Temple Pharmacy

Two updates ago, we mentioned the desire to reach new healthcare campuses in the city.  Well, God has begun to answer that prayer!  When I shared about our ministry at one local church, I met several Temple pharmacy students, as well as Kay, a practicing pharmacist.  They did not, however, know each other, and I recently had the opportunity to introduce them over a lunch meeting.  I was thrilled to hear that Kay is excited in investing in these students and helping them grow in Christ.  Over time, I’ll do all that I can to support Kay and the students as they move forward in their relationship.

Talk at Drexel

Several months ago at SMI Texas, I gave a talk about our need for more rest, and how we can find that in Christ.  I mentioned our need to take more ‘down time’ – something healthcare students understandably find very challenging – but also to find rest from the constant temptation to prove ourselves by what we accomplish.  In God’s kindness, the talk apparently made an impression on some of the Drexel leaders who were present, as they have now invited me to give the talk not only to the Christian fellowship (“CMA”), but also to their unbelieving peers, on Nov. 30th.  I’m excited about this new challenge and opportunity!

First-ever Philadelphia International Saline

In my last update, I shared with you my excitement stemming from my trip to Kiev, where I received some outstanding training in medical evangelism (“International Saline”) from Dr. Bob Snyder.  Now, on December 3-4, Dr. Snyder and I will co-lead the first-ever Philadelphia International Saline training.  In fact, this is the first time the training has ever been offered in the U.S., and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Although we have just 25 openings, already 12 have firmly committed, with others ready to sign on.  Since part of our goal is to create a local, outward-oriented community, we’re holding the training overnight to allow for more interaction among those who come.  We’ll follow-up the workshop later with a “train the trainers” session to teach everyone how to become trainers themselves!

As you can see, God continues to pour out His blessing on what He’s called us to.  I feel like we’re at the beginning of something far bigger than we are, and we are eager to continue sharing the journey with you, wherever it – He, really – leads!

For the gospel,

Bryan & Sharon

Here are some praises & prayer requests –

  • praise God for allowing me to connect the Temple pharmacy students with Kay, the graduate pharmacist.  Pray that they will run with that connection, and that God will grow the group in His timing.  Currently, the group consists of 6 students, all women.  Pray also for a natural outreach opportunity there, which the students deeply desire.
  • praise God for the chance to address the Drexel students on the topic of balancing rest and work.  Ask God to give me wisdom in preparing and in giving the talk.  I want to be practical, but also share how Christ alone can give them the deep rest they desire.  Pray also for the Spirit’s power, Who alone can give impact to what I share.
  • praise God for putting the International Saline conference together!  Beg God to draw the ‘right’ people, and to help those who come have excitement for training others.  Pray also for funding – we’re trying to raise $2,500 so that students who come only have to pay for their materials.
  • Finally, we thank God for providing a little more funding this month than we anticipated, as well as some new committed support.  We are now at 88% of what we need (in terms of pledges), and I can almost taste the finish line!  Please pray that God quickly provides the remaining $1,000 per month we need.  If you’d like to start contributing, or renew your commitment, you can do that right here.

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