International Saline Launch!

From small beginnings come great things.

— American proverb

Thanks to all of you for praying for our International Saline (medical evangelism) seminar this past weekend.  God exceeded all of our expectations, and we have every expectation that He will do tremendous things through this “small beginning.”   Here’s a report on what God did in and among us:

Our Group

God gave us an enthusiastic, diverse community this weekend, including 14 students from 5 campuses, 5 physicians, a nurse, biomedical researcher, nuclear physicist, nurse’s aid, flight surgeon, economist and pastor (me)!   Although our time was relatively short, God quickly knitted us together and we enjoyed the interactive focus of the training.  Several mentioned how important it was to hear real-life stories from others who were present.

Come Away & Rest

Our seminar site, the National Christian Conference Center

Our seminar took place at the National Christian Conference Center, just 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  Located on a spacious, 200-acre site, we enjoyed the restful, quiet setting for our time away.  International Health Services, co-sponsor for the event, did a phenomenal job in supporting us logistically for the event so that participants could simply ‘show up’ and learn.

Putting Theory Into Practice

A 'patient' (l) faces various 'barriers' in her quest to see 'Jesus' (behind Dr Snyder, l)

Everyone absolutely loved the training, finding it to be a great balance between foundation and practical skills that will help them share their faith in everyday medical settings.  These quotes from the evaluations will give you a feel for how people responded:

[I liked] the emphasis on being both salt and light, that the gospel is about a way of life and long-term relationships, rather than [unnaturally] pushing for a faith decision.

[I appreciated the] emphasis on witnessing to patients being an outflow of the heart and natural reflection of our love for Jesus.

The approach presented was biblical, relevant and full of practical, useful tools.  I am so blessed by God through this.

Starting A Movement

Bryan enjoying one of many interactions at the seminar

While the participants came away energized and equipped, the ultimate goal of the weekend is to equip participants to train others right where they are.  To that end, we are holding a local follow-up event we call “Training the Trainers” for this very purpose.  Already, those attending from Drexel, Jefferson and the Hudson Valley/New York City area are making plans to pass the training on! 

As you can see, God moved powerfully throughout the weekend.  Thank you for your prayers and gifts – they truly made this a small, but great, beginning!

Bryan & Sharon

Please join us in praying for the following, related requests:

  • First, praise God with us for a simply fantastic weekend, and for the many folks who made it possible!
  • Please pray that God would give participants a deep passion for Christ so that they will naturally share all that God taught them from the weekend.  Pray also that He will help them implement the practical steps they committed to as part of the process.
  • Pray also that the Lord would multiply the training as participants conduct their own, local trainings in the spring and beyond!
  • Finally, pray that the Lord raises the remaining funds ($1,700) to cover the costs of the weekend.  If you would like to help, you can let me know via email (

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