CMDA Winter Conference Roundup

Thanks to everyone who prayed for my time at Winter Conference.  Without a doubt, it was the best one I’ve ever been part of!  Here’s a quick roundup on all that God did:

Campus Renewal

Our Drexel group at the conference

The most obvious sign of your prayers was Drexel’s campus fellowship time on Saturday evening.  Dr. Kim, our speaker for the weekend, had just challenged us to think about what “sacrificial living” looks like for us as individuals.  As we transitioned to our campus time, most of us had a strong sense that God was leading us as a group to be hungrier for him than we have been before, and that He wants to do more in and through us at Drexel.

Just after that time, one of the student leaders approached me and shared that he wants to step up and lead more boldly.  I had the chance to encourage him that this season of renewal is a perfect time for him to do that, and he has really responded.  He and another student have challenged the group to begin fasting during Wednesday lunch times, and already 9 of us have signed on, eager to see what God will do.  I’m excited because this is what discipleship is all about: coming alongside others and empowering them to impact others for Christ!

One Long Conversation

I love Winter Conference because it’s essentially one long conversation comprised of countless mini-conversations.  Here are a few highlights:

  • One student had been struggling with significant anxiety.  A few of her friends and I had the chance to talk with her, and I received a nice email from her the following day: “Thanks for the awesome conversation that we had the other night and for the clarity and insight that you provided. I’m feeling a lot less anxious now and I’m eager to figure out God’s purpose for me.”
  • A physician from Philadelphia came down to the conference on Saturday, and we had a fantastic conversation late into the evening to begin discussing ways he can become more involved in our local leadership.
  • The conference speaker pulled me into a circle of students to start talking about ways I can be a resource as they try to start a medical outreach in New York City this spring.
  • Another student and I had dinner to catch up and follow-up on an email he had sent me.  He’s been deeply connected to our family through our bible study dinners, and wanted to know more about how he can support us as he starts to earn “real dollars” during residency.  We were humbled by this expression of love and commitment.  It was also a testimony to the investment one of our council members had made in him, challenging him to use his resources for the kingdom.

Bringing The Impact Home

Several of our students, from many different campuses, got together during the conference to see how they can work in a more coordinated way back home.  Already they have planned a follow-up meeting, which I hope to participate in, later this month.  By bringing people together in one location and casting a kingdom-sized vision, Winter Conference serves as a springboard for ministry well after it ends.

Thanks again for making it possible for me to be there.  Your investment in our family is reaping eternal rewards that only He can fully comprehend!

For the Kingdom,


Here are a few prayer-and-praise items to place before His throne:

  • Praise for an absolutely wonderful conference!  The conversations mentioned above were just a small sampling of what God did!
  • Pray that God continues to bless Drexel’s fellowship as it responds to His work at the conference.  Pray also that our fasting would be a true response to Him, and result in greater dependency and prayer, rather than be something we ‘just do.’   Ask God to give me wisdom as I seek to be a wise resource for the student who would like to lead even more effectively.
  • Pray that God gives the local physician I mentioned above, and our council, wisdom as we prayerfully discern the role God is calling him to within our ministry.
  • Pray for the students who are hoping to work together more to grasp God’s vision, and, to have the courage and perseverance to follow Him wherever He leads.  Pray also that He would give me, and others in the city, wisdom to support and guide them well.
  • Praise God for a fantastic year-end giving season.   Although our budgetary needs have risen substantially the past few years, God has provided for them all.  This means I can now work on growing a small reserve for our account and funding whatever new initiatives He is calling us to!  Thanks to all of you who have been so very generous!
  • Finally, pray for a local medical outreach (sponsored by MCO) I’ll be participating in this Saturday from lunch until dinner.  Located in the same neighborhood as SMI Philly, this is an exciting opportunity to connect with some of our key students, love the community for Christ, and learn how to share our faith more effectively!

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