Faith Flags: Off-label Use

Regular readers of this blog know that I’m a big fan of “faith flags“, a short statement in the course of normal conversation that identifies you as someone who values spiritual things.  Faith flags are primarily intended to open the door to spiritual conversations with patients, neighbors, or others who are spiritually-receptive but not Christians.  (It’s important to mention, as always, that the goal is not to manipulate people, but to create opportunities for honest, deeper discussion).

While faith flags are great conversation starters with those who are on another page spiritually, they also have another, ‘off-label’, use: they’re great for meeting other Christians in a secular environment.  A few days ago, for example, I mentioned an upcoming summer medical missions trip to my dental hygienist.  When she asked more about it, I said,

“We go door-to-door, offering free health screens.  Then, we talk about spiritual things if people want to.”

With real interest, she replied, “Well, I’m very spiritual.  I think a lot of people would do much better if they got to know Him.”

As I could talk (she was cleaning my teeth!), I discovered that while she was a Christian, she hadn’t been going to church.  While we didn’t have the time to talk about the details, and I had just met her, it was clear that something difficult had happened at her former church, and she hoped to find a new one.  I simply mentioned that I would pray God leads her to a new church.  Although our time together was brief, I think it meant a lot to her just to have someone listen with understanding and offer hope in the form of prayer.

Then, it was time to go.  The rest is up to God, but I left with the joy that I had been a part of his work.

As you think about your next few days, how can you plant a few faith flags that may help you discover other Christians where you are?

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