What Does It Mean To Be A Doctor?

After some time away for vacation, we’re back, this time with a post from Dr. Josh Uy, who asks, “What Does It Mean To Be A Doctor?”  His post comes in the wake of recent debate in the blogosphere about balancing professional and personal priorities.

Dr. Uy’s thoughts raise the question behind the other questions: how do we decide what it means to be a good doctor?  In other words, how do we get beyond the ‘your opinion/my opinion’ banter that leaves us without any real moorings other than our own opinions?

Beyond the excellent, practical advice that Dr. Uy gives, I’d add that, for Christians, our choices have to be informed by God’s Word.  Although it doesn’t speak directly to things like how many hours we should work, or, how precisely to balance our families and careers, it does give broad principles we can (and should) wisely (and with real freedom) apply to these areas.  In my experience, the major hurdle is being ready to let God speak into these areas in ways that require sacrifice.  Although it hurts – to put it bluntly – it ultimately leads to real freedom for us, our families, and the patients we serve.

You can read other posts by Dr. Uy on his blog, The Geriatrician.

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