Resources: Expanding Your Horizons

Here in Philadelphia, many of us stay up-to-date with developments in medicine through the New York Times through contributors like Dr. Pauline Chen and its broad Health section.

At the same time, since healthcare training is so intense and consuming, it’s easy for our lives to shrink down to the size of medicine.  Here are four online resources I like that may help you expand your own horizons.

Arts & Literature Daily –  This site gathers thoughtful articles, book reviews and opinion pieces from all over the web.  Generally not bedtime reading, but it will make you think.  No surprise, as Dr. John Patrick put me on to this some time ago.

Christian Counseling & Education Foundation (CCEF) –  Insightful, shorter posts on how the Christian faith connects with where we live everyday.  Great for your own personal growth, as well as helping the people around you.

First Things –  Published by an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute that aims to shape society through a religiously informed public policy.  Some of the pieces are free, while others require a $15/year subscription.

Kevin MD –  Founded by primary care physician Kevin Pho, this blog will help you stay up on current trends in various areas of medicine.  The blog features detailed commentary as well as shorter posts by many other contributors.  Voted best medblog of 2008 and regularly cited by major media.

As you sift through the million different pieces you could read, don’t get overwhelmed.  Feel free to pick-and-choose and have fun (link to Webster’s definition provided for those whose training / career has caused them to forget what this means).


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