Our Favorite Time Of The Year

As I write, we’re in the thick of what we call ‘startup season’, the time when our students from our eight campuses are returning.  We’re touching base with leaders, meeting the first-years we prayed for and generally feel like we’re riding a roller coaster without a seatbelt.  It’s our favorite time of the ministry year!

Although it’s busy right now, we wanted to briefly update you and ask that you pray for us during this exciting time.  Here’s are some selected highlights and areas where we need prayer.

  • helping our leaders as the year begins.  As the year begins, our leaders are coming off of their ‘last free summer’ and then diving right into the start of their year.  Over the summer, but especially now, I touch base with each campus, helping the leaders to carry out and adapt the plan they developed earlier on.  At Penn Dental, for example, I joined the leaders for a half-day planning and vision retreat and had the opportunity to lead a bible study to help set the tone for our time together.
  • meeting new students.  It’s so exciting to meet the first-year students that we prayed for!  Each of them has a unique story of God’s faithful calling into medicine and it’s our privilege to start helping them on this stage of the journey.
  • hosting brunches.  Our home bible study brunches are a special opportunity to host the students and serve them physical and spiritual food.  This fall, we’ll be studying passages from the Book of Numbers and meditating on what it means to walk with God ‘in the wilderness’.  In addition to offering nourishment, the brunches are also a great opportunity for students to connect with others in their situation from around the city, and, meet our family more personally.
  • planning for key events.  On September 14th, we’ll be holding our annual ‘Fall Intermed’, a gathering of local healthcare students and professionals for worship, teaching and fellowship.  My role is probably best described as a hybrid of project manager, consultant, and pastor.  In truth, the actual event is icing on the cake of getting to work with and influence our very best students as we prepare.  Later, on Oct. 12-13, we’ll be holding our first-ever student overnight retreat.  Dr. Josh Uy and I will be speaking on the theme of ‘Rest For The Weary’, but we’ll also allow plenty of time for fellowship and recreation.

So, there’s a short sampling of what we’re up to right now.  Thank you for standing with us during this intense, but wonderful, time of the year.

Bryan & Sharon

For prayer & praise:

  • praise God for the many fantastic students he’s brought to our city.  Praise also for our ministry council that works so faithfully alongside us, supporting us and ministering to the students.
  • pray that the Lord is deeply at work in students’ lives, drawing them to be part of our campus groups and faithful, local churches.  Often the academic intensity can be surprising and some Christians stop connecting with God and other believers.
  • pray that God would help me invest in, and help, our campus leaders.
  • pray for energy and discernment.  With so many campuses, this is a season of intensity for us personally and we need God’s strength.  We also need wisdom to know what each campus needs, and, who we should invest in.
  • pray for God’s blessing as we hold our brunches (first one is this Sat., Aug. 24th) and prepare for both Intermed and the overnight retreat.
  • praise God for a fantastic week away with Sharon in Quebec City early in the month.  After 15 years of marriage, we’re still best friends!

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