CMDA_Philadelphia_LOGO (1)    Founded in 1931, CMDA provides programs and services supporting its mission to “change hearts in healthcare” with a current membership of more than 15,000.


  • conducts overseas medical evangelism projects through its mission arm, Global Health Outreach;
  • coordinates a network of Christian doctors for fellowship and professional growth;
  • sponsors student ministries in medical and dental schools;
  • promotes positions and addresses policies on healthcare issues;
  • distributes educational and inspirational resources domestically and internationally;
  • hosts marriage and family conferences;
  • conducts academic exchange programs overseas.

CMDA first came to Philadelphia in the 1940s, but has recently renewed its presence here.  By being the “hands of Jesus” to needy people, CMDA seeks to fulfill His Great Commandment (Matthew 22:39; 25:36) and His Great Commission (Matthew 28:19).

Our ministry council, entrusted with the spiritual leadership and governance of CMDA Philadelphia, is composed of physicians, dentists, and other medical personnel.  It currently includes:

  • Kelly Brandwene, OT
  • Robin Harshaw, DMD
  • Amy Liao, DDS
  • Deborah Moss, CRNP
  • Neil Pitts, PharmD
  • Jim Reynolds, MD
  • Bryan Stoudt, MDiv (Area Director)
  • Sharon Stoudt (women’s ministry, administrative support)
  • David Suh, MD

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