Reaching Out Near the Border

We’ve just finished our first group of outreaches, and we are so grateful for what God has done. Thursday and Saturday we held clinics in Mexico, while Friday we canvassed a neighborhood in Texas. At least 14 people came to Christ, each one a new creation. This is my favorite story:

A fifteen-year-old girl came to our clinic yesterday at Gracia Eterna at the insistence of her mother. Sadly, she was battling anorexia. As usual, our students began by taking her blood pressure and glucose levels, then sent her along to one of our physicians.

That’s where the real work began. After talking with her, it became apparent that she struggled deeply with her identity, and that this was driving her anorexia. The doctor had a wonderful opportunity to share Christ’s unconditional love and acceptance for everyone who will trust in him, and she received Christ with great thankfulness and emotion. In the coming days, the local pastor will follow-up to help nourish her new life in Christ.

Please continue to pray for our team as we share Christ’s whole-person healing with those in need!