CMDA Dental Student Conference!

Hey dental students!  CMDA is working hard to serve you better, so I wanted to let you know about an upcoming conference you may find interesting.  You can learn more, and register online, here, but here are some quick details:

If you are a dental student, we invite you to join us for this exciting conference at CMDA’s headquarters. Space is limited, so don’t wait to reserve your spot. This conference is brought to you by CMDA’s Dental Ministries in partnership with CMDA’s Campus Ministries and Dr. Peter E. Dawson.

We’ll spend the weekend “Setting the Vision” for dental leadership with talks by leaders in the dental profession, dental missions and student ministries. During the sessions, we’ll be exploring Christ-centered topics to help you grow as a leader. Dentists throughout the country are paying big money to attend seminars by some of our scheduled speakers. As a student participant in this symposium, you will have the added benefit of personal interactions with these leaders throughout the weekend.

The total cost of the symposium is $200, which includes meals, hotel accommodations and the conference. Thanks to special donors who desire to see you impacted by this weekend, we have a number of $175 scholarships available to help cover costs. Click here to apply for a scholarship and then be sure to select the $25 registration when you register to save your place.

CMDA Northeast Winter Conference!

Can you remember the last time you unplugged and got away?  Really slowed down and reconnected with God and other Christians?  Come join others in healthcare from around the Mid-Atlantic region for a weekend of fellowship, good teaching and relaxation at our CMDA Northeast Winter Conference (January 13-15, 2012).

This year’s speakers are Drs. Paul (plastic surgery) & Susan Lim (pediatrics).  While helping CURE International begin a new mission hospital specializing in pediatric disabilities in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Paul and Susan had to return unexpectedly to the United States.  They are currently living in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, where they attend Bethlehem Baptist Church, pastored by Dr. John Piper.

Located at Sandy Cove Conference Center just an hour away from Philadelphia, this retreat is for students, residents, fellows and graduates in every field of healthcare.  Hope to see you there!

Conference On Suffering

If you’re in healthcare, you deal with suffering all the time.  A large part of your effectiveness as a provider concerns how well you deal not only with your patients’, but your own, suffering.  In turn, part of handling it well comes from having a maturing, biblical framework within which to place it.

Here’s information on an opportunity that may be useful along those lines, the Princeton Conference on Reformed Theology (November 4-5).  This year’s conference theme is: “How Long, O Lord?  Suffering, Scripture & The Grace of God.”, and speakers include D.A. Carson and Ligon Duncan.  Hat tip to Stephen Lu for making me aware of this upcoming event.