On The Road

With the students focused on exams and leaving for the summer, this past month has been a fantastic opportunity to break from the routine and take time away.  Here’s what God has done through my time ‘on the road:’

CMDA National Convention

My time away began in late April with our CMDA National Convention in California.  This was my first time at the Convention, and a great time to get in on the ground floor of several important student initiatives our new Campus and Community VP rolled out there.  One of these, The National Student Council (NSC), is a nationwide group of student leaders coming together to receive mentoring, discover how to influence the future of healthcare, shape the future of CMDA, and learn how to impact their campuses for Christ.  I was able to share what I’ve learned in Philadelphia and interact with the students as they think about their own campuses.  Looking ahead, I will be part of monthly webinars that will move this discussion forward.

Hudson Valley International Saline Seminar

Teaching at the Hudson Valley Int'l Saline

After a few weeks home, it was on to the Hudson Valley in NY.  You may recall that we’ve been equipping local students and physicians to share their faith in medical settings through a partnership we have with International Health Services (IHS) and its International Saline (IS) curriculum.  At our first local IS seminar some time ago, two members of the Hudson Valley CMDA chapter came down to receive the training from us.  Recently, Dr. Bob Snyder and I had the privilege to join those members in NY as they launched the training in their own area.  Approximately 15 (an ideal number) were in attendance for the seminar, which went very well.

One physician who came said that she realized, through our time together, that she “had lost her heart for her Beloved over the past two years”, and that she desperately needed to recapture her love for Christ so that she could be an effective witness in her workplace.  Many others came away excited and equipped to share their faith, and already plans are being made to hold a follow-up seminar.  A physician from New York City also came, and plans on bringing the seminar to that area as well.  This is what the International Saline is all about – training others who will train others for maximum impact!

CMDA Staff Conference

My next stop was our annual staff conference at our headquarters in Bristol, TN.  It was a great opportunity to network with other staff doing similar work in other areas across the country.  We also had a number of fantastic speakers that provided refreshment and new ideas that will inject our ministry with new life.

Support Development

Last, but not least, I’ve been using the drive home to continue developing support for the ministry.  Stops in Virginia, Washington DC and Baltimore have given me the opportunity to share our vision with new, potential ministry partners.  Many have responded positively, offering not only financial support, but their prayers and new connections.

Along the way, I also had the chance to visit current friends/supporters and connect with folks who, though not able to contribute financially, have offered their wisdom on many levels.  One physician in Richmond shared his experience of starting and strengthening their ministry to other doctors, an area we’re hoping to work on in our area.  A lunch time meeting with a physician-author has generated some ideas on how to create a ministry where deeper community can flourish.  As you can probably sense, I love moving the ministry forward and am constantly on the lookout for the people and ideas that can take us there.  By God’s grace, in turn we are grateful to reciprocate by playing a similar role for others!

As you can see, it’s been a busy, but tremendous, month.  I look forward to returning to Philadelphia late tonight after one final meeting in the Baltimore area.  I thank God for His goodness during this time away, and for its impact on our local ministry.  Thank you for making this season of travel possible through your prayers and gifts!


Bryan & Sharon

Please join us in prayer/praise for the following:

  • Praise God for an exciting month of travel, and all the connections and fresh ideas along the way!  Pray that God generates new support and connections for the ministry and helps me to identify which ideas we should implement here in our local ministry.
  • Pray for a good time of re-connection with my family.  The month of June should be more relaxed as I’ll be home more.
  • Pray that the International Saline training we did in Hudson Valley NY impacts that, and the New York City, area deeply.  Please ask God to bring things together for a full-version training we’ll do at Drexel in the fall.
  • Finally, please pray for our involvement in the SMIs.  I will participate in the Philadelphia project, and am considering joining the Texas project for a week as well.  These are times of maximum impact!


Campus Kickoff, Trusting God

Drexel students Melvin, Greg & Justin get ready for kickoff BBQ

Drexel students Melvin, Greg & Justin get ready for kickoff BBQ

Dear friends,

Campus Kickoff

SO much is happening right now ministry-wise.  My days have been filled with meeting new students, mentoring, counseling, dreaming with students about new ministry initiatives, activity fairs and strategizing with campus leaders.

To give you a taste of all that’s happening, Tuesday night we had our large group meeting for dinner, worship and bible study at Drexel.  About 30 were in attendance, much more than anticipated.  We had a phenomenal time of fellowship, worship and bible study in Acts.   At my suggestion, the leaders and I are “debriefing” via email over the next several days about ways we can make the meetings even more effective.  Moving forward, I plan to join them for leadership meetings immediately before these large group events.  This year’s leaders are some of the best I’ve encountered anywhere!

Trusting God

Even as ministry is exploding, we’re going through a season of greatly diminished financial resources that threaten to severely limit my involvement on campus.  We’ve mentioned this before, but as my support team, I want to continue to keep you in the loop.

Here’s our situation:

  • as of now, we should be fine through October assuming moderate giving levels
  • however, as of November, we may not be able to take a paycheck
  • donor attrition (largely because of the economy), the need to fund our own health insurance, and a new administrative fee have created the need to raise about $2,500/month in new monthly support

What are we doing about it?  We’re keeping ministry expenses to an absolute minimum, aggressively raising more support, and trusting God like we never have before. 

I want you to know that I love this ministry, and I am excited to see God provide richly for it.

Here’s what you can do:

  • commit to praying intensely for God’s provision until we have raised the necessary support.  To jump-start this, I’m holding a pray-where-you-are event this Monday and Tuesday.  Email me at stoudtb@gmail.com if you’d like to sign up for a 15-minute slot.  Let me know when you’ll pray, and I’ll send you a list of specific requests.
  • if you are a financial donor and haven’t started giving through CMDA, my new partner organization, please take a moment to do that.  I’ve updated this site to make giving simple – just click on the “Giving” link on the right hand side of the page.
  • if you know anyone who may want to hear about this ministry, let me know right away.  Healthcare professionals are obvious connections, but others are routinely interested, too.  And, it doesn’t need to be time-consuming on your end – a few minutes of brainstorming, and a short email to your friends, is all it takes.

After being on campus these first few weeks, now more than ever I am fully convinced that this ministry is absolutely essential.  I believe that God will provide for it.  Thanks in advance for your partnership during this season of testing and opportunity!

With love,

Bryan & Sharon

New Giving Information

Dear partners in Christ,

As promised, we’re writing to let you know of a change in terms of where to send your contributions.  This reflects the formalization of our partnership with the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA), the leading national medical ministry.  They have the resources to support our ministry well, and we are very excited to be their representatives in the Philadelphia area!

Effective immediately, then, please send your gifts to:


ATTN: Rebecca Arnold

PO Box 7500

Bristol, TN 37621

Just mention “Bryan Stoudt” in the memo line.   You will receive a receipt for each gift and, as always, your contributions are tax-deductible.

We’re also very excited to offer you two online giving options – credit card or electronic check payments.  Both these options will allow you to contribute automatically at the amount and frequency of your choosing.  Here’s how:

1 – Follow this link – online giving

2 – Under “Categories & Funds” please select “Other”; a space for you to specify where the contribution should be directed will appear immediately below

3 – Please fill in “Bryan Stoudt” in this space

4 – Fill in the amount you wish to give in the box to the right of “Other”

5 – If you would like to give on a recurring basis (i.e., monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually), check the box adjacent to “Make this a recurring transaction?”.  Then, check the box that represents how often you would like to give.

You can also specify how long you’d like to give by clicking the drop-down menu next to “Run For:”.  If you’d like to give indefinitely, please be sure to indicate that.  Otherwise, your gift will effectively be a one-time contribution.

6 – Under payment method, select either “credit card” or “electronic check” and fill out the requested information.

7 – Click “next” at the bottom, review your information, and click “submit” when you’re done.  That’s it!  If you choose to give on an ongoing basis, you will never need to fill out the form again.

* Note: your financial institution may require you to enter a code for my personal support account with CMDA.  If that’s the case, my account is “Center 42487”.

Thanks so much for your ongoing partnership.  We are so thankful for you, and pleased to partner with you to reach Philadelphia’s healthcare community for Christ!


Bryan & Sharon

Summer Bible Study!

Dear friends,

PRAYER ALERT!  We’d like to enlist your prayer support for a new venture this summer. On Tuesdays evenings this summer (starting tonight), we’ll be opening our home to area medical students for a free meal, fellowship and bible study.

This is a unique opportunity to increase our ministry, especially to the first-year students.  They are off for the summer — no classes, no rotations — and are therefore unusually available to participate in a weekly Bible study.

Pray that many would come, and come away challenged and refreshed.  Pray that our home would be welcoming, and a place of fellowship for the students.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead the students into a deeper, richer walk with Christ.  And pray that the Lord would use these relaxed gatherings as a springboard for further ministry opportunities in the fall.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for standing with us!


Bryan & Sharon

PS As our support structure will be changing in July, we’ll be in touch with those details soon.  Please pray as they are finalized.