@MedTweet: A Simple, Powerful Question

From John Piper, a simple question that changes everything. “In whatever I’m doing, how can I do it in a way that shows Jesus is great?”

@ MedTweet: Prayer Challenge – Enjoying God Again

Join me in enjoying God instead of just asking him for stuff. Read a scripture, spend 15 min thanking & praising Him w/o requests.

@ MedTweet: Listen, Speak & Love

Someone who listens & speaks God’s truth into someone else’s life with love is rare. Proverbs 20:5. How can you improve here this week?

Choosing A Church: Are You Asking The Right Question?

Still looking for a church?  Don’t just ask, “How can this church serve me?”, but also, “Where are my gifts most needed?”  Phil. 2:4.

@MedTweet: Time With God Even When It’s Busy

Even when things were intense, Jesus spent regular, ‘real’ time with His Father (Luke 5:15-16). How and when can you do that this week?

@MedTweet – One Month Checkup: Have You Found A Local Church Home?

1mo checkup: Found local church home?  Going when you can?  Campus groups = great, but we need more: diversity, accountability, sacraments.

@MedTweet: Investing In Others

Look around you and pray.  What one person can you invest in this week?  What one step will you take to make it real?