Panama Business and Investment

Thanks so much for your interest in supporting our ministry!  Since our entire ministry budget is supported solely by charitable contributions, we rely on the generosity of those who stand behind us.

We offer two primary ways to give:

Online giving.   This option saves you (and our office) time, and assures your contributions will occur regularly, which helps us maintain consistency in our account throughout the year.

There are two options – credit card or electronic check payments.  Both these options will allow you to contribute automatically at the amount and frequency of your choosing.  Here’s how:

Follow this link – online giving.  You’ll find links to give either via credit card (special or recurring) or through your bank (requires filling out the ACH form first).

1 – If you choose to give via credit card, the instructions are self-explanatory, but please be sure to click on “Philadelphia – Bryan Stoudt” under “Destination.”

If you would like your contributions to continue indefinitely, please be sure to indicate that.  Otherwise, your gift will effectively be a one-time contribution.

2 – If you would like to give through your bank, please be sure to indicate that your gift is for “the Stoudts” when you mail the form in to CMDA.

Note: your financial institution may require you to enter a code for my personal support account with CMDA.  If that’s the case, my account is “Center 42487”.

Check via mail.  Your tax-deductible contributions may also be mailed to:


Attention: Rebecca Arnold

PO Box 7500

Bristol, TN 37621

* Please write “Stoudt” on the memo line of your check to be certain the funds are designated for our account.

However you choose to give, we sincerely thank you for your support!  You may always contact me with further questions at

2 thoughts on “Giving

  1. Bryan
    May God continue to bless your ministry. I made an initial donation of $250. I have a number of ongoing commitments, but will give more as I am able.


    • Dear Horace,

      Thanks so very much – I truly appreciate it! I’m glad God has connected us, and I look forward to seeing what God may do through our partnership at Penn.

      Grace to you,

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