Jon Wong JPEGI moved to Philly right out of college and slogged through the trenches of medical school trying to survive what used to be semester-long courses now compacted into 1 week’s worth of lecture.  As a West Coast transplant, I was accepted by a new family of fellow students and a pastor & his wife who cared and celebrated with me every step of the way.  Now that I’ve left to continue my next phase of training, it isn’t the traffic, weather, or roads that I miss, but the people.  The community, the spiritual teaching, and the mentors to become a stronger Christian in medicine were a true blessing from God.

– Dr. Jon Wong, former Drexel University College of Medicine student and current resident at Children’s Hospital of Oakland

Dana KozubalComing into med school, I was concerned about my ability to grow a fledgling spiritual life while at the same time settle into a new city, make new friends, and learn how to become a doctor… I was blessed by an incredible fellowship at my school, a solid church family, and a network of med students from across the city committed to serving Christ and his people in Philly… I can’t imagine finding such bold and faithful yet humble colleagues and mentors anywhere else.

– Dr. Dana Kozubal, former University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine student and current resident at Temple University Hospital

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