Re-Defining Leadership: Three Gifts You Can Give

Leaders Who Last, by Dave Kraft

We commonly think of leaders as type-A, take-charge visionaries that everyone follows effortlessly.  Some of us, not seeing ourselves in that job description, find ourselves wishing “I was like that.”

But God defines leadership differently and more fluidly than we do.

In this blog post, author Dave Kraft mentions three unheralded, but absolutely critical, “gifts” that all of us can offer:

  • affirmation,
  • freedom to fail, and
  • a listening ear.

Although these may seem like small things, they’re not.  When we give people these things within a biblical framework, we’re giving them the gospel in the nuts-and-bolts of real life.

As for me, I need to give more affirmation, especially at home.  It doesn’t have to take lots of time, but I need to be more intentional about it.

Which one of these gifts can you give to the people in your life this week?