Job Opportunity: Director of Medical Students for Life

The following job opportunity comes by way of a friend:

Students for Life of America – Director of Medical Students for Life

Description: The MedSFLA National Director will be responsible for working with pro-life students to start and grow Med Students for Life groups, organize events for Med Students for Life groups like the National MedSFLA Speaking Tour and Conference, and be the public face for pro-life medical students in America. Qualifications: four-year degree; must be willing to travel; familiarity with the medical field.  Primary Responsibilities: Identify and assist pro-life medical students to form their own independent campus organizations; work with existing medical students for life groups to increase the pro-life message on their campus; communicate and network with other pro-life medical organizations; assist with fundraising for Medical Students for Life; speak in front of large audiences at conferences, events, and banquets; develop new projects and initiatives to help pro-life medical students nationwide. For more information email: