viewfinder binocularsDid you know that 1 in 6 physicians in America – and countless other healthcare professionals – does some portion of his or her training right here in Philadelphia?  Yes, you read that correctly – 1 in 6.

Faithfulness to God and the Great Commission in Philadelphia means we have to reach our healthcare students and professionals.

Being in healthcare presents an opportunity to make a profound difference in someone’s life.  Patients come to healthcare providers at times of deep need and vulnerability.  While they are primarily seeking medical healing, their needs extend far beyond that to the emotional and spiritual realms.  What if our providers were truly equipped to reach ‘the whole person’?

This, however, is easier said than done.  Medical training is brutal, and many finish training jaded, cynical, and content to just put in their hours, pay off their loans, and enjoy whatever time off they have.

That’s where our ministry comes in.  God has positioned us strategically, ready to bridge the gap between the costs and opportunities of a life in healthcare.  As we are faithful to that calling, our students and professionals not only survive, but flourish so they can love God – and their patients – through medicine.

Our dream is to see the Great Commission accomplished in our lifetimes.  To see every person – everywhere – physically and spiritually whole.  Although countless others are needed for a vision this big, we are thankful to play our part and hope you will join us.

So, how do we do it?

This is an over-simplication, but on campus our ministry is essentially an InterVarsity or Cru for Philadelphia’s healthcare campuses.  Each chapter has its own leaders, regular meetings, and activities, and we come alongside to guide and support them in their ministry.

As CMDA Philadelphia’s Area Director, Bryan Stoudt serves as pastor to our city’s healthcare campuses, serving alongside a team of healthcare providers in accomplishing that mission.

On a practical level, our ministry team focuses on these core priorities:

  • mentoring and discipling individual students
  • developing leaders – helping campus leaders develop and implement a vision specific to their campus
  • teaching – helping students connect their faith to their everyday lives in – and outside of – healthcare
  • networking – connecting students with older healthcare professionals, who serve as mentors for them

As our ministry is entering a new season, God is expanding our horizons!

  • professionals group – our new group for professionals meets every month or two for connection, sharing, prayer and mutual encouragement.
  • missions – we are trusting God to send students, residents and practicing professionals on our first-ever international missions trip in the summer of 2017, most likely to Latin America!
  • life coaching – Our Area Director has training as a life coach and is available to coach students and professionals around issues where they would like to move forward.

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